Why you should be on the Property Ladder

Top 4 reasons as to why you should be buying your first home

Buying property is a life long goal for many people, but have you figured out exactly what the all-important advantages of investing in your first home are?

Reasons as to why people wish to make the move on to the property ladder vary, although ultimately most know it’s one of the best long-term investments you can make (which is of course just one of the major bonuses). We’ve decided to explore a few other motivations that get people, saving, researching and super excited about buying their first home!

Time to start questioning the renting game… Here are just a few more reasons that’ll make you think twice about not having a place to call your very own home.

No more rental costs

Rent, is often considered dead money. Consider how much you’re paying out for this each month, when in turn it could be paying off your own mortgage instead of somebody else’s.

While renting has its benefits for some people, it's not always the wisest long-term strategy. So if you can, make the move!


A place to truly call home

If not already, at some point down the line you may have your own family. What else can beat bringing them into the world, in a place that is your own home to do exactly as you please with. Not only does it provide your family with a sense of security, but you can see with your own eyes where your hard work and determination has got you.

You can move into this property and know that any changes you make will be for the long term good of your house, and ones you’ll get to enjoy. This again, can give you and your family a sense of security, and if at some point it’s needed; a good safety net.


Budding interior designer? Pet lover? Frequent wall painter? No longer would you need to stress about asking your landlords permission. You’ll get free reign to do as you please, yet again giving you a great sense of achievement through your home ownership. What can beat that?

Financial security

As we mentioned at the beginning, property is considered one of the safest places to invest your money, so if you're looking for something to put your savings into, this could well be the answer.

As long as you’ve made the right decision in terms of your lender choice and repayments terms, you’ll be able to gain and maintain a financial peace of mind.

This is where we, Harvest Financial can help you. We’re not tied to a specific product range, we have a plethora of products and lenders available to us from which we can make sure you get the best deal available tailored to your specific needs.

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