Investment Property Loans

Buying an investment property is an excellent way to start building your own future wealth.

While you may start out with a single property, and by using equity in your home, some careful consideration and management of your investments could see you grow this to a full and profitable portfolio.

We can help you:

  • With your first investment property, or your next investment property
  • Find new lenders for what you already have in your investment portfolio
  • Money to renovate; and
  • Money to develop your investment.

Getting started

When purchasing an investment property, you need to think tactically about where you will buy and the type of person who generally resides in this area. Doing your research and having a clear understanding of the market and the areas where property is most likely to increase in value is essential. When considering your budget and return on investment, it’s not just about your rental returns, you need to factor in ongoing costs also.


tax efficient investing

Unlike a home loan for your own home, costs associated with an investment loan are tax deductible (e.g. including home loan interest, repairs, rates, depreciation, etc).

However, be aware that any rental income will generally increase your taxable income. Another key difference is that any appreciation in the value of an investment property (capital gains) is taxed.

We can help you understand your investment cashflow and manage your investment lending to ensure its working hard for you.


increase roi

Regular reviews of your investment property loans every 18-24 months can help you:

  • Formally assess market value with a registered valuation on your properties
  • Ensure you are still in property loans which are in the best in the market - saving you on interest costs and increasing your returns.
  • Draw equity our of investments that have increased in value so you can find another investment.