5 Massive Advantages of Using a Mortgage Broker

There are many great reasons to use a broker for a obtaining a home loan, car finance (loan or lease) or business finance.

1) Deeper expertise than bank consultants or internet sites

Financial literacy can be gained through the trained and expert advice provided from a broker; thus broadening your knowledge and confidence in exactly how you can invest your money in the wisest way possible.

I talk to my clients about finance that is in their best interests
— Joe Gardiner, Profy

2) Designed to be free (no cost to you)

Did you know that most brokers don’t actually involve any extra cost? Their payment comes as commission from the lender chosen. Win win.

3) More choice

Brokers often have access to a much wider panel of lenders than your usual bank would. For example, a high street bank will have one set of products and one set of interest rates. With Profy the wider choice we can offer you means we can offer you a much more tailored and personal solution.

4) And understanding of the market

Coupled with that, they can go into much more depth surrounding the precise features and options available to you to make sure you get the best-suited deal.

5) Save time - brokers handle the process and the research for you

They make their process as pain free as possible, and save you valuable time and potentially money down the line.

The more advice you can get; the better educated and advised you are to select the right investment 

Profy an MFAA member, can assist you in making informed and sound home loan and credit decisions. Contact us today to help you get ahead.