Read why a reality TV property expert recommends brokers

Whats the point of using a broker? Isn't the same as going to my bank?

This is a commonly stated perspective, but one that might be costly in time, hassle, quality, value and money for consumers.

Andrew Winter of Selling Houses Australia, the network television hit, has the following to say about the services provided by good mortgage brokers.

Considering finance options through a mortgage broking service is a very popular option for many and I can recommend consulting a broker. It gives you so much more choice; a wide array of lenders, mortgage packages, and lending criteria are suddenly open to you. The question is, who is going to pay for this advice?

Luckily, in the majority of cases in todays market you will not be charged! The broker will obtain their fees or commissions direct from the lender who funds the finance. The commissions or fees earned will be illustrated in the paperwork in the form of a disclosure. Having said that, you can’t begrudge this fee because a good broker will put in many hours, and use their contacts and expertise which should assist you through what can be quite a complex process.

A brokers ability to search around can be very helpful.
— Andrew Winter, Selling Houses Australia

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